My fascination with the form and texture of rocks is reflected in my work.

For me cliffs, boulders and rocks hint at the power of nature. The elements wear and mould their shapes over millions of years, but still they have a sense of permanence. Civilisations are merged within them, as well as imagination and memory, past, present and future.

Rocks are inspiring, whether they are smooth cream coloured pebbles at low tide on a deserted Norfolk beach or the enormous megaliths and menhirs in Carnac, set there in prehistoric times in ways almost beyond our imagination.


Each piece is hand built using stoneware.

When it is leather hard, further designs such as plant prints - stems, roots or petals - are introduced; and then finally porcelain slips or oxides are added before biscuit firing.

After firing  to 960 degrees C in an electric kiln, occasional oxides and/or colourants are added to enhance the textures.

A thin layer of tenmoku chun is sometimes applied as a final finish to certain pieces before final firing to 1260 degrees C.